Saturday, March 7, 2015

Guidelines on Buying Intercom for Better Home Automation

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An intercom that is found in schools, offices, hospitals, liners and ships, and other large establishments, even at homes is a very helpful electronic communication device. By simply pressing a button, the system will facilitate communication of people from different rooms instantly.

Today, the use of intercom is becoming popular not only in workplaces but also in every household. Proper caution and right knowledge is very important. There are essential guidelines that will help you find an ideal intercom which suits your need for home automation.

1. Set an appropriate budget and make comparisons.
It is important to have proper money allocation before shopping. The amount will depend on the type, brand, features, and workmanship of the intercom system.
2. Acquire basic knowledge. Different brands have various systems. However its main components are the same. Generally, the basic parts of an intercom includes: (a) central control panel or master station- the unit controlling the system (b) door station/sub-stations-slave units or speakers connected to control panels (c) power supply-feeds power to different units to function.
3. Determine the needed range. Intercom systems have varying ranges depending on its manufacturing characteristics. There are intercoms reaching approximately 304.8 meters or 1,000 feet. Selecting ranges of intercom systems vary on its purpose and use like communication from one room to another, from one floor to another, or from one building to another. There are several purposes for using intercoms. It includes connecting different rooms, connecting rooms to the central office, broadcasting announcements like public address systems, and functioning as bells typically at school signaling changes of classes or at home connecting door buzzer.
4. Check whether the intercom is compatible with your building or home structure. Good quality of sound delivered by the intercom systems depends on the building or home structure. Obstacles like metal walls may cause interference on the signals preventing clear sound to come out on the intercom system.
5. Choose the type which you desire. A wireless intercom system is more expensive compared to hard-wired and it offers the advantage of easy installation. You simply plug it into the power source, and you are all set. It is based on the signals sent throughout the electric wiring. However, the circuits must be the same especially if you are adding another room. The level of performance might be affected if the circuits are different. The wireless intercom range depends on the building and home materials used and electrical wiring conditions.

A hard-wired (traditional intercom) system requires connection of wires on the whole system installed throughout the building or home. It provides minimal restrictions or interference, but it less convenient and expensive upon installation.

Video intercom system provides you the capability to talk and see your visitors before opening the door giving you safety assurance. It has a built-in small camera integrated in your door chime for security purposes.

Intercom acting as full sound systems is programmed via master stations controlling the functionality of the intercom in a room or patio that are resistant to weathers. It can control the music power and volume of the system.
6. Determine the types of power supply. Intercom systems can functions using batteries (replaced regularly) or AC supply (equivalent to 12V DC).
7. Check the warranty of the product. The warranty and entire coverage reflects the manufacturer's confidence on their products. It is important to understand their provisions and clauses stated in their warranty certificate. It should be backed up by the manufacturers and local dealers.
8. Select accredited manufacturers and dealers who are in the intercom business for many years and known for giving quality products and services to its costumers. They should provide you with different possible options and help you choose the right intercom. They are not only offering clear consideration on their warranty but extensive support after selling their products. Shopping experience and invested money should be worth it.

Following these guidelines will truly help you find the perfect intercom that you want. It makes your communication tasks easier and lets you enjoy its great benefits. You and your family members can check or call each other when needed. Monitoring somebody in your home without much hassle is successfully achieved.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Home Automation, Inc. - Different Home Automation Devices with Codes to Provide Additional Security

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People today are making sure that they live a perfect, comfortable and convenient life in order to live happier everyday. If you also want to start living this kind of life, you should consider starting improving your home. Besides, this is where you start your day and also this is where you end it. By making sure that everything is in place inside your home, you can be sure that your daily activities will go as planned.

Living comfortable means that your home should be able to provide a relaxing environment and because of this, people are purchasing home entertainment systems and other kinds of machines that they can operate smoothly and with no problem at all.

Today, another kind of system is now widely available in the market which makes homes more comfortable and makes your life easier. This system is called the home automation system. It may sound something that came out of a Hollywood futuristic movie, but there are millions of homes all over the world that are now using home automation systems.

One such manufacturer of home automation systems is the Home Automation, Inc. This particular home automation systems manufacturer and installer is considered as one of the leading manufacturer of home control products that can make your life easier, more comfortable, more convenient and safer than ever before. This company has existed since 1985 and is continuing to develop high quality home control products for their clients.

If you are thinking of getting home automation systems installed in your home, you should think of getting it installed by Home Automation, Inc. professionals. They will be able to provide quality services to their work and you will surely be happy and satisfied after they finish installing their products around your home.

With Home Automation, Inc. you will be able to control your lights, your air conditioning system, your home security system, your home entertainment system and various electronic appliances remotely.

If you have a large home, you should consider getting home automation systems products installed made by Home Automation, Inc.

The great thing about Home Automation, Inc products is that you can control various electronic devices in your home at a single touch of a button in your wireless touch screen control panel anywhere you are in your home. For instance, if you just woke up and you have to take a shower, you press some buttons in your wireless control panel, this switches on your coffee maker and the moment you get out of the shower, you will see that the coffee maker in your kitchen downstairs is already finished brewing your fresh coffee.

They also offer sensors that turn off or turn on the light around your home. For example, the moment your car enters the garage, a sensor inside your garage will automatically switch on the lights inside your house and on the front porch. This means that you'll never enter a dark home again and fumble around to look for the light switch.

Automation controls will make lights around your home and your home entertainment system to turn on automatically. This means that when you program your home with this feature before you go on vacation, the house will still be active, such as turning on and turning off lights at a random state. This means that a vacant home will look and sound like it's occupied. The great thing about this is that burglars will have to think twice before they enter your home because they will have the notion that the home is occupied with light switching on and off at random intervals.

Home Automation, Inc. can be controlled through the internet. Some of Home Automation, Inc. is equipped with CCTV cameras that can be installed all over your home. These cameras can be accessed through the internet and when you are out on a long vacation, you can easily access the internet and take a look inside and outside your home with the cameras.

Security codes are also integrated in the control panel to enable you to protect your home from being controlled by outside sources. Some even uses voice codes that can provide additional security.

These are just some of the benefits you will get if you get a home automation system by Home Automation, Inc. Live your life easier by installing a home automation system in your home. With home automation system, you can be sure that your home can offer more comfort, convenience and security.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The History of Home Automation Inc.

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No organization or company will reach their peak of success without looking back to their history. They can learn a great deal about their past mistakes, and they can use it to their advantage.

Home automation is a field that is new to most people. And there are companies that supply the world with home automation devices. Since many people find home automation devices expensive, these companies are developing ways to make home automation reasonably priced so that middle class customers can afford it.

Home Automation Inc. or HAI began its operation in 1985. Their primary aim is to provide the market of automation products. HAI's founders were all from the commercial industry, they are Jay McLellan, Brian Yokum, and Tom Pickral. With their superior expertise, they concentrated their efforts to home automation.

They were able to introduce their new product in 1988, the Model 1503. It is for burglar and fire protection, appliance control, and lighting; it is a single versatile product programmable for home automation.

As years passed, their annual sales increased and now they have their own product line and their list of customers grew steadily.

From 1994 to 1999, HAI was able to offer many lines of home automation products including the Omni control system, Omnistat Communicating Thermostat, Weblink, and OmniPto control system. The president of the company then was Jay McLellan and they received the Leadership Award for Home Automation in 1999.

In the year 2000, HAI introduced to the market the control system especially designed for homes called Omni LT. They aimed at the European market and their products were for townhouses, homes, and apartments. There was a product showcase in New York that year, and they received the award as the finest new product. They also received the Choice Awards of the judges.

Web-link II was introduced by HAI in 2001. The software now has video capabilities via the media technology of Windows, wireless control and access through Internet phones, PDAs, and the homeowners are e-mailed on pre-programmed events.

Later that year, Omni II was introduced. This year is a very important one for HAI because they were able to double their warehouse size and facilities, and their sales force was expanded.

In 2002, OmniPro II was released and it replaced the first OmniPro. It was included in the top products of that same year, according to a magazine, Electronic House. Web-link II is now capable of video recording and their Omni accessories expanded because of the entry of new sensors, controllers, and mounting plates.

2003 was the year when OmniTouch was introduced. It used the touch screen interace and is very economical; and it received many awards including CES innovations Award and Achievement Award (SIA). It was regarded as part of the products which made a high impact in the market.

This year, HAI made an agreement with CompUSA, and their line of products was included in the latter's reselling program.

During 2004, new products were again introduced. They offered backlit consoles in 'cool blue', and they offered Windows software which can control the Omni family. McLellan again received an award as being included in the top 10 of the most influential leaders in the industry. They also received the Design Excellence award by ADEX.

By 2005, HAI's manufacturing facility expanded to 51,000 sq ft in New Orleans. They were able to add additional resources such as testing, training, marketing, engineering, technical support, and more warehouse space.

Hurricane Katrina damaged HAI's facility but they quickly recovered and re-opened in April 2006. This year, the company offered Omni IIe control system which can connect to the Ethernet port. They also upgraded Web-link II. HAI expanded in lighting control and they shipped 1000, 1500, 2400 watts of switches.

Last March 2006, they introduced Lumina control systems. The Lumina is a stylish lighting system which is very easy to set up in existing or new homes. You can even choose among many accessories and options.

HAI received the award 'innovator of the year' in New Orleans and McLellan won the Frost and Sullivan Award as CEO of the year in the 2006 Building Technologies.

The company has made a big name in home automation industry. It is one of the trusted suppliers of quality home automation devices all over the world.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Home Automation in Georgia, Keeping up with the Future of our Homes

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According to Governor Sonny Perdue, Georgia should desire for nothing but greatness; and greatness is just within their reach.

Any nation dreams of greatness, and who wouldn't? In a world that's full of different classes of people, a great world would mean good food on the table, a nice home to live in, and abundance in almost everything. It's a sad fact to note that there are millions of poor people around the world today. Many poor countries can't provide for their resident's needs. If you live in a better place like Georgia, you have a chance to experience an automated home, just like in the movies.

Georgia has abundant and diverse natural resources. The state is even considered both as an outstanding ski and sea resort. And this is why in terms of economic reform, Georgia is on top. It was able to make a lot of changes in just a few years, and still pursuing for greater economic changes for a more progressive country.

As a country progresses, the needs of its residents also climb to a higher standard. They now realize that with a better country comes improvement of lifestyle, more jobs offered for the unemployed sector, and other projects which can help the entire country. If most families can spend for their personal needs, and other luxurious needs, then perhaps it would be better to invest the money on home automation.

Home automation is gaining worldwide acceptance. Many countries are now offering home automation devices in their local markets. The best resource to find a wide selection of home automation devices is available in the Internet. If you have an Internet connection, then it's easy to find home automation providers. Simply type the words 'home automation' and you will receive an instant result.

Home automation is designed to give people's life comfort and convenience. These are devices or gadgets used for lighting, security systems, audio/video systems, and more. If you're tired of putting your lights on/off, or checking your windows and doors at night before going to bed, home automation can do the task for you. Aside from these things, home automation can also create light scenes in your homes; it can also turn on or set your audio systems and video systems, and this is all for the comfort of the family.

Here is a list of home automation establishments in Georgia:
  1. Georgia's Premiere Integration Firm - If you want to keep up with new technology and transform your home into a house-of-the-future, this is great place to start
  2. Custom Automation Solutions - this company can meet all your needs for home automation, and they can also provide you with a monitoring system so that you can guard your house wherever you are
  3. Stardot Home Automation - they have a line of video, audio, and HA distributors; HA architects can provide you with a centralized system and have access to home technologies through the internet, touch screen interfaces, television, and phones
  4. Other establishments include Die Masters, Home Automation, Hamilton ITS, and TEC Automation Inc.
If you want more information on these establishments, you can log on to their websites if they have one. You can also contact your country's trade industry and contact them if you're interested in home automation.

A simple home with not one cool gadget or device is rather boring. Some people might have second thoughts in purchasing home automation devices because they think it's very expensive. But now that many countries are patronizing it, most of today's home automation devices are reasonably priced.

As Governor Perdue has said, Georgia should not settle for anything else but greatness. Home automation is one step to greatness. If residents of Georgia will patronize these devices, then the suppliers in their state will increase.

As more and more people patronize these products, home automation in Georgia would be a common sight. People would have more time to do more important matters. This would allow for more Georgians to uplift their lives and achieve their greatness. This could also allow for more revenues for the state itself. As more taxes are poured in, there is a greater chance for development.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Home Automation Tasks in Georgia Supports Innovations Progress

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Georgia is an ideal ground for the latest technology. Most technological companies in Georgia maintain their competitiveness through innovation with the help of innovation program centers. These help in accelerating growth of private and unique assets of Georgia as well as business resources and stable strategic industries. One of their innovation objectives focuses on home automation.

Home automation is a field under the building automation which specializes on the specified automation requirements of residential establishments and automation application techniques to give security and comfort to its residents. Various techniques are utilized in automating a building such as climate and light control, window and door shutters control, surveillance and security systems which are also applied for automating homes. Moreover, additional functions might control multi-media and home entertainment systems, pet feeding, automated plant watering, automated parties and dinner scenes, and others.

The major difference between home automation and building automation are human interfaces.  Ergonomics is given importance in home automation where the controls must be largely based on images as well as self-explanatory.

Home automation are utilized to control things at homes, from lighting (motion controlled or remote controlled), computer control,  entire audio and video home systems, and automated curtains and blinds. The home automation tasks in Georgia are:
Audio. This includes distribution and switching of the audio. Audio source selections are determined by audio switching. Audio distribution let audio sources be heard from one room to another. This feature is also called multi-zone audio.  
HVAC. This is a solution which includes humidity and temperature control.  
Intercoms. This system permits communication via loud speakers and microphones among multiple rooms.
A hard-wired (traditional intercom) system requires connection of wires on the whole system installed throughout the building or home. It provides minimal restrictions or interference, but is less convenient and expensive upon installation.

A wireless intercom system is more expensive compared to hard-wired and it offers the advantage of easy installation. You simply plug it into the power source, and you are all set.

Video intercom system provides you the capability to talk and see your visitors before opening the door giving you safety assurance. It has a built-in small camera integrated in your door chime for security purposes.

Intercom acting as full sound systems is programmed via master stations controlling the functionality of the intercom in a room or patio that are resistant to weathers. It can control the music power and volume of the system.
Lighting. The aspects which are related to electric lights control and drapery and window shades control are involved. This category typically includes ceiling fans and exhaust controls.
A typical example includes dimming lights to create different moods or scenes. It adds elegance to your room ambiance creating amazing light effects matched with your existing home lights. Dimming any kinds of lights such as neon lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, and incandescent lamps can be done. However compact fluorescent lamps requires outside dimmable ballast but lamps like metal halide cannot be dimmed. The great lighting secret lies on how you control it. Any residential living room can adapt different functions anytime of the day or night. By just changing light intensities, it can create a scene making the spaces in your living room look great
Security. This category refers to the security system's monitoring and control. It also includes security camera's distribution and control. This can either be hardwired or wireless security systems.
By utilizing wireless receiver and transmitters, you can place sensors easily in or out of your way or areas which are harder to access without running new wirings. Wireless receiver, controllers, and transmitters add to the wireless sensor's convenience. Moreover, wireless cameras could be incorporated to be more useful. Wireless security systems are easier to install and offers control flexibility. 

Hardwired security is less expensive however its installation can be time consuming. One should have the ability in hiding wires through walls to achieve neat installation. It provides reliability compared to its wireless counterparts.
Video. This includes the distribution and switching of videos.
These home automation tasks can be transformed into a profitable business in Georgia. In fact, most investors choose Georgia to build exceptional networking business opportunities in support of home automation progress.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Home Automation Equipment, Learning About It is Fun

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The home automation system is a tool for controlling your home devices and communication devices as well. For instance, you already bought your laptop, installed your backyard watering system, and subscribed your pay-TV, but what are the equipments that you will utilize to get these things connected.

You will need interfaces like switches and remote controls for controlling various devices in your home. Different devices need different hubs for setting up connections. You will need multi-zone controls, video modulators, and distribution panels for audio distribution. You will need an interface card for your network and a router for every computer for setting up LAN.

You need to learn the basics by understanding each equipment description used in making your home automation possible.
  1. Wiring closet. It is an enclosed small room specifically designed for keeping jumbled wirings and provides easy access when necessary. The best location for a wiring closet is the front space of your home so that external wiring (cables used on pay-TV) can be also kept. All input devices are set up in one location, a hub. This location can get messy due to the wirings different direction.
  2. Patch Panel. The brain of the hub which controls every cable in your home. Take for instance, cable X is connected to speaker Y to Z stereo. Cable functions can be changed using the patch panel by unplugging one socket and patching or plugging it back into another. Make sure that you label the cables clearly.
  3. Connectors. Connectors have various types depending on what the wirings require. Outlets also vary. Cables for your speakers may also use several sockets and plugs. Take this into consideration when laying wall sockets and cables. As much as possible, it provides you with flexibility. Likewise, don't forget installation of ample power outlets.
  4. Keypads and touch screens. Touch screen controls are the most expensive and intuitive types of interface while keypads provides a more simple way of communication with your gadgets.
  5. Smart switches. The flexible and simple ways of initiating control is through smart switches panels which can also change dynamically. This advanced system is integrated with both entertainment and lights. It provides dimming lights options or increasing audio volumes. However, the switch used must be the same.
  6. Remote controls. Universal remote control can operate televisions, air conditioners, blinds, and lights. But this equipment is very expensive because of its multiple controls. Simpler controller is another good option because it performs different tasks and eliminates the use of separate controls.
  7. Computer software. Home automation can functions with the use of a software installed on a PDA (personal digital assistant) or PC (personal computer). Home controls can be done through a secure, special webpage. It means that your heating system and other devices can be turned off wherever you are.
  8. Impedance matching system. This fixes problems concerning sound qualities (degradation impedance). Multiple connections of speakers on a single amplifier are possible however it reduces the amplifier's overall power.
  9. Multi-zone control systems. This works like patch panels in your hub systems. You can accept feeds from different audio sources and send it to specified amplifiers located anywhere in your house.
  10. Distribution panel. This can spilt video feeds anywhere in your home. This component serves as the video hub of your network. A TV signal which is fed on the distribution panel can be send to all the televisions in the house. Amplifying the output is needed because splitted signals display weaker results.
  11. Modulator. It manages the inputted feeds from different devices producing videos such as a DVD player, VCR, pay-TV receiver, and security camera. The modulator selects the input channeled on your distribution panel. Multi-channeled distribution panel and modulators send feeds to various rooms from various devices simultaneously.
  12. Router. This is important whether you are setting up a wireless or cabled LAN (local area network). It accesses you to the Internet and network from the different locations in your house. All computers, printer, modems, and related peripherals connected to the router can communicate with each other.
  13. Network interface cards. NIC connected to the routers also allows network communications in your house.
Learning the different equipment for your home automation systems is a fun experience.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Home Automation Equipment, Taking your Home to the 22nd Century

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Home automation system is the most widely acquired system around the country. The benefits and the convenience it gives to the consumers are the primary reason why it is highly acclaimed.

For years, Home automation system has evolved in so many different aspects. Starting from a simple burglar alarm system to the automation of multimedia appliances, this system deserves to be one of the most effective innovated systems. 

Home automation is simply a system that is used for almost all appliances or furniture that is electrically or electronically powered. The concept of home automation system is to make manually operated appliances be controlled automatically at a given circumstance and conditions.

Before this system came to homes, these were used in huge buildings. One reason why automation system is used in big edifices is to facilitate manipulation of certain appliance. The only difference between a building automation and a home automation is that the former is quite complicated than the latter.

There are so many appliances that can be automated in ones home. Primarily, security alarm, lights and heating systems are the ones that use automation. However, as time pass by home automation is no longer limited to these devices. Home automation is now also applicable to televisions, components and other electrical machines.

Home automation may either be wireless or not. For homes that are yet to be built, wires can be permanently fitted to the walls and are connected to the main controller. In houses that are wires cannot be fitted, wireless automation systems are the right option. There are also companies and automation makers that specialize on either field. They can be found through the internet and other ways.

Here are some of the home equipments that use home automation system:


Audio systems are one of the systems that can be and mostly automated. Typically, audio systems are placed only at a definite and permanent place in the house, most of the time in the living room or in a function room. When one wanted to hear music in any part of his home, he can apply automation to his audio system. When an audio system is automated, there are options or conditions that are supposed to be met. The Audio system is connected into speakers located in the different part of the house. One may listen to music in his room without other people in some other parts of the house could hear. Or he may choose to play music through all speakers mounted and connected to the automated audio system. This feature is known as the multi-zone audio.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This is also known as climate control. There are instances that refrigeration is associated to the HVAC making it HVAC+R. The equipments used for these systems too, like many home systems equipments, can be automated using certain automation schemes. When these certain systems equipments are automated, it will automatically adopt factors such as humidity, temperature, etc. without manually manipulating them. For example, in an air conditioning unit, it can be automated in the sense that when the room temperature has reached a certain ceiling temperature the appliance will turn on automatically. Same thing for other equipments included in HVAC+R systems.


This is an electronic communication device that is used locally. It works the same way as the telephone, but intercom is only limited to the local building or place. Homes use intercoms to communicate from one room to another. Bigger houses would require more equipment in the intercom system. Automating it will help one to actually associate more feature like two to three way calling etc.


Originally, as we all know, lights or lighting systems and equipments are manipulated manually since it only requires two operation; ON and OFF. This time, lights can already be automated and can be connected to a processor that is programmed to do specific task for a certain condition. For example, lights can be programmed to turn on at a certain time of the day and automatically shuts off any time as dawn comes. There are also lighting equipments that can be dimmed or brightly lighted. The factor for that condition is the room occupancy that when sensors detect that the room occupancy exceeded to the programmed number, the lighting system will add brightness automatically.

There are still so many home equipments that can be automated. One may choose among so many systems equipments that is suited to his' and his family's needs.